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Law-Related Education Volunteers Age of Majority Volunteers

Age of Majority Volunteers

The time and talent of volunteers is necessary to review and revise the material in the Age of Majority booklet to ensure the information is current with the ever changing laws. The Bar Foundation extends its sincere thanks to those who have served as reviewers for the most recent edition:

Kara J. Ronnau, Lincoln

Brad Gianakos, Lincoln
Mary Kay Hansen, Lincoln
Scott P. Helvie, Lincoln
John C. Hurd, Lincoln
Peggy J. Jasa, Lincoln
Jill G. Jensen, Lincoln
Thomas E. Keefe, Lincoln
Robert Kinney-Walker, Lincoln
Gary E. Lacey, Lincoln
Elsbeth Magnilton, Lincoln
John H. Marsh, Kearney

Grant Maynard, Lincoln
Matthew Mellor, Seward
Marc W. Pearce, Lincoln
Kevin L. Ruser, Lincoln
Richard D. Sievers, Lincoln
Katie Spohn, Lincoln
Dalton W. Tietjen, Lincoln
Margene M. Timm, Lincoln
Bubby Truhe, Lincoln
Jessica Clark West, Omaha

The Bar Foundation expresses its appcreciation for Kristina Peters, Nebraska Department of Education, who asisted with efforts to make the booklet available in iBook format.


Law-Related Education