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News My National Student Leadership Conference Life Changing Experience

My National Student Leadership Conference Life Changing Experience

By Grace Carhart

This summer was a special one for me. Many opportunities that I never even dreamed of ended up presenting themselves to me, probably the most unexpected being the chance of a lifetime: attending the National Student Leadership Conference for Journalism and Mass Communication in San Francisco, California.

On somewhat of a whim, I entered the 2012 Nebraska State Bar Foundation law day essay contest and ended up winning for the junior division. Upon attending the luncheon in Lincoln, the surprise didn't stop; my name was called for the scholarship to the NSLC. Earlier in the summer I had gotten information about this conference and had only dreamed of attending the Journalism and Mass Communication summit at University of California Berkeley. Finding out that I could go? It was life changing.

Now, as I write this while here at Berkeley, there is no place that I'd rather be. This experience is so incredible; I will never be the same after all that I've gone through here. The friends that I've made will be friends for life, the lessons I've learned about college, time management, interpersonal relations, and my hopeful career as a journalist will be with me forever. I could never have learned this much and had this much fun anywhere else, and I am so thankful for this experience that I cannot even begin to express my gratitude towards the NSLC program and towards McGrath North Mullin and Kratz for their generous scholarship. This truly has been the experience of a lifetime. As someone who wants to move into the incredibly competitive world of journalism, this kind of conference could be the deciding factor of my career. The people here take writing, editing, and everything else that the broad scope of mass communications entails very seriously. My class, Digital Photography, has taught me so much in just a few classes. I look back on my week and find it hard to believe how much more I know now than I did. Words like aperture and f-stop were completely foreign to me before; now they're just part of my language.

Because of this conference, I'm just beginning to realize that there is so much that I have left to learn about journalism, photography, and writing, and I cannot wait to begin my journey of a lifetime. Thank you would never be enough to express how grateful I am to the Nebraska State Bar Foundation, McGrath North Mullin and Kratz, the NSLC, and to my teachers, friends, and family for being with me every step of the way.

National Student Leadership Conference online at

Post Script
Grace has accepted an invitation from the Bar Foundation's Media Subcommittee of the PEOPLE Committee to participate in the August 30 Media and Appellate Court Roundtable in Lincoln. This educational experience will give Grace an opportunity to gain insight into ways journalists can best cover the news coming from the Nebraska Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals.


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